As parents, we're always searching for the best of the best for our kids - and each of us have our own ways. Whether it's the organic, clean ingredients we pick out for their meals, or the chemical-free laundry detergents and softeners we spend hours researching, it's our way of making sure that we can protect and nurture our little ones.

However, this often ends when it comes to clothing. Instead of fabric safety and quality, we look at design and patterns - partly because it's so hard to find consistent information. What is considered safe? What standards can we trust? It's a mess out there, especially with large consumer brands often investing in their own certifications so that they have less requirements to meet.

It’s our belief that baby wear needs to be made from fabric that is certified safe from an independent institution - which is exactly what we do. All of our fabric has been certified safe by OEKO-TEX®‘s Standard 100. Which just means that our fabric is free of a list of 100 chemicals that might pose danger to a child's skin.