You've made it to this page, which means you're either lost, or you've gone down a rabbit hole of researching baby wear brands... in any case, welcome - it's great to have you here.

We're a wife & husband team that has been working for over 2 years on something that we're extremely passionate about. No, not baby clothes - or not exactly.. but rather, a clothing company that focuses on making sure that our customers waste less, which also happens to be a baby wear clothing company, which we created for our own 'little Bao' - our baby girl.

In early 2020 as we began the pre-arrival shopping for baby, we were overwhelmed by baby clothes (let's be honest, overwhelmed by everything). We were constantly asking each other if what we were thinking of buying was too big or too small. Was the fabric soft enough? Why is this fabric so soft? What chemicals are in this dye? Why are there so many snaps on this one? Why is everything so bright and dizzyingly patterned?

To be fair, we're not claiming to be the solution of all the problems that new parents have ever had - but we want to at least make it a tiny bit simpler. So we set out to create a baby wear brand that could accomplish the following mission;

To inspire parents to make sustainable, safe, and confident baby wear choices.

We can imagine you'd be thinking how we did this. The answer is, we came up with 3 core values that we would use as our foundation for every single decision we would make, which you can read more about below, and how each of these values related to various aspects of our brand.

Bao is a love letter to our girl, and to our passions. We both have a heart to leave behind a better world, and this is just a small step we're taking to contribute to that effort. So thanks for your interest. We can't wait for you to experience BAO baby wear.

Much love,

Viv, Kin & little bao.

Baby wear needs to be cosy. This value defined our design process, our material sourcing and our final product. From the soft cotton, to the snug fit of each piece, cosy is a great way to define all of our products. Functionally, diaper changes are convenient and easy regardless of age. Aesthetically, we spent months and months choosing the perfect blend of colors and fabric patterns to be pleasing and gentle to the eye.

Our Fabric

Caring for our little one's often involve looking out for their safety and their future. We care by ensuring that our fabrics are certified safe through a globally recognized standard. We care by creating a brand that lives and breathes sustainability through circular fashion. We care for the safety of our children. We care for you - our customer. We care for our planet and it's place as a home to our future generations.

Fabric Safety | Circular Fashion

Made to last, our baby wear is designed to grow with baby. With such unique features, the level of crafstmanship is key to successfully executing them, and our baby wear has been crafted at the highest standards of quality. It's designed to last, and so it must be built to last as well. You'll be able to touch and feel the quality and finishing of our clothing. We're serious about our products lasting a long, long time.

Expandable Design