Single-use plastic has colonized more of the ocean than we will ever be able to. The fact that single-use plastic bags still exist speaks to the sheer insanity that we continue to live with. Alternatives have become more and more available over the years, but even products like biodegradable bags still leave micro-plastics behind, ingested by various creatures that we then eat. It's a vicious cycle of waste and toxicity.

But we're happy to report that it's not all doom and gloom! We were so excited when we found a local Thai business making compostable mailer bags from corn starch! It was almost a no-brainer for us to use these beautifully zero waste bags as packaging.. or.. Bao wrappers (sorry, we couldn't resist).

So as you can probably tell, these mailer bags leave behind nothing. Throw them in your compost bin (or even just your regular rubbish) and rest assured that you're not leaving behind any form of micro-plastic that will eventually end up in humans. While you're at it, learn how to compost and plant yourself a little herb garden!

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