To inspire parents to make sustainable, safe, and confident baby wear choices.




Newborns grow fast. In the first six months of their lives, these little ones gain both weight and length exponentially, often times out-growing their clothes within weeks. By incorporating unique design features, our newborn baby wear grows in width, in body height and in arm and leg length. We combine what would traditionally be three to four different sizes into a single, beautifully crafted piece of baby wear, lasting from newborn to 6 months old - or even longer!


The requirements of caring for a baby change once they're able to hold the weight of their own head. That's why from six months upwards, our baby wear changes in functional design to account for this. All innerwear pieces are designed to grow in overall body height, as well as leg and arm length. Additionally, our fabric is specifically picked for it's softness and elasticity which allows it to stretch to fit those adorable bellies. The perfect blend of functional, minimal and beautiful.


From overalls to cardigans, we offer a selection of clothing that perfectly compliments an outfit. Our gender neutral designs and quality crafstmanship also encourage you to keep our clothes for longer, as it can be worn by your next baby boy or girl! Mix and match with our innerwear - or anything else in your wardrobe - to create fun, minimal outfits that are great for any circumstance, whether on a casual playdate, joining the parents for a day at the office, or a quick grocery run.


Bao Baby wear matcha coloured cardigan and Bao Baby wear vanilla coloured pants. Both made with sustainable and soft fabrics.


Sustainability is one of the key reasons we created BAO. As parents, we were exposed firsthand to the excessive waste that caring for a baby brought - not just in the number dirty diapers or wet wipes used - but also the fact that fast fashion brands have a huge number of sizes to cover a small age period. You'll find between 8 to 10 sizes for just two years of use.

We've designed a collection of baby wear that can last your little ones from newborn to two years old, and we've done it in 3 sizes! That's up to 3 times less clothes when compared to other major clothing brands.

There's a lot more that we're doing at BAO on the sustainability front, whether it's reducing unnecessary packaging, being responsible with our sourcing of fabrics and more.

Read about what sustainability means to us here.

We would love to share more about us with you as well! If you're interested to learn more about what we are doing as a whole, our values and our beliefs we've got a lot to share!

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