Circular Fashion has become the new buzzword of sustainability within the industry (and not just in fashion) - and we love it! It has guided us throughout our entire design process, and is at the core of our business. The purpose of BAO is to create another platform for more people to practice waste-free parenting.

As is shown in this graphic from Vogue, circular fashion extends past just basic practices and even product design. From sourcing of materials, through to how products are designed to be used, this concept extends further than what we've seen when it comes to sustainable practices within the industry. There are still areas that we are working on to fully achieve this - which is why we're still on the road to fully embracing this concept.

Most importantly, circular fashion needs the participation of the customer. You! Which is why we're talking about this. You are a part of what we do. From how long you're able to use our baby wear, to what you choose to do with it afterwards, we're super excited to share this journey together! To assist with ensuring that you have a chance to play your part, we're compiling a bunch of ways that your baby wear can continue to live even after you may have finished with it. Keep on reading to find out more about how we at Bao are working hard to achieving circular fashion.


This one is the easiest one. Reducing what we use and what we waste go hand in hand. The more you purchase and use, the more waste you generate. Popular fast fashion brands have up to 10 sizes to cover a 2 years period. Our baby wear has been designed to cover the same age period with 3 sizes! That's 3 times longer than those brands. Imagine the amount of waste that could be reduced as a result!


Hand me downs might not sound the best, but they're definitely the most sustainable. We all know that baby wear is used often for very short periods of time. Our baby wear is designed and meticulously stitched and put together to be used again, and again, and again, and again. So whether it's the next baby, or a friends newborn, or your siblings kid, or even your baby's baby, BAO baby wear is made to last.


There are more ways to recycle than you think. If you're in a situation where you might not have someone to pass your baby wear on to, then there are a multitude of ways to ensure that your baby wear isn't wasted. In Hong Kong, we love what the folks at Retykle and Babyverse are doing. If you've got creative ideas on what to do with your unused baby wear, then share them with us on our social media channels!



Did you know that we use compostable packaging? You can play your part by throwing our corn-starch mailer bags into your compost. Even if you might not compost, you can rest assured that our packaging will completely disappear, leaving no trace of micro plastics or other harmful substances behind.

We'll admit, when you receive your products, that's all you're getting. We've decided against including any pretty marketing material, or giving you an instagrammable unboxing experience, because it will ultimately go to waste. Plus, you'll have plenty of instagrammable moments with our baby wear.

Check out more about our packaging here.