Why Compostable Packaging?

If you've received a Bao delivery, or seen one of our various social media posts about our packaging, you'll know that we use a very simple compostable mailer bag to deliver your baby wear to you.

If you haven't yet, here's a cheeky little discount since you're reading this ;) - just make sure you click the link to get the discount.

We wanted to talk a little bit more about our decision making process, share more info about compostable packaging in general, talk you through why we ultimately chose this solution.

Gummedpoc sustainable eco friendly compostable packaging on BAO baby wear products

Compostable vs. The World

From intense, in-depth, top-notch research that we conducted (via the form of an Instagram story poll), we found that a lot of people don't actually know - or care - about the difference between compostable and biodegradable.

I think a great way to understand the fundamentals is;

All compostable packaging is biodegradable. Not all biodegradable packaging is compostable.

This diagram illustrates it well. Compostable packaging is more specific in what it "does" when disposed of.

So does that mean it's superior?

For us, YES.

What matter when we talk about packaging is what it leaves behind. Or actually, what it doesn't leave behind. All biodegradable packaging will.. degrade - with caveats.

Oceanwatch Australia explains the difference very well: "The main differences between these materials are that biodegradable products could be referring to any material which breaks down and degrades in the environment, whereas compostable products are only organic elements that degrade in the environment."

Long story short, we want packaging that leaves nothing behind. From the get go, we explored many different alternatives of compostable packaging - initially believing we'd need to look overseas. Fortunately, we came across a small company in Thailand that created these corn starch compostable mailer bags - exactly what we were looking for.

It was a no-brainer, and after receiving a few sample bags to test out we immediately knew this was what we wanted.

So.. what do I do?

Compostable packaging is relatively simple to dispose of in a beneficial way:

  • If you compost at home, just drop the mailer bag in there. (And if you don't, it's always a great time to start)
  • Many cities will have a separate bin for food waste, and our compostable mailer can be dropped in there.

In other countries that don't sort waste, our mailer bags will actually break down into organic material in landfill. However, we encourage you to find ways to ensure that it ends up compostable. Why?

First, there is a possibility that your waste could end up in an incinerator, which defeats the purpose of compostable packaging.

Secondly, even if it does end up breaking down in a landfill full of rubbish, the organic material doesn't serve a purpose beyond being organic - and it would be sad to know that such an intentionally made product would end up not serving it's intended purpose, so please lend a hand!

In case you wanted to find out more about the packaging we use, check out this Gummedpoc, the awesome small business that we fell in love with.