What was one of the first lessons we learned as new parents? Maybe not the first, but a pretty important lesson: Whatever your baby can get their hands on - for whatever reason - they'll taste it.

Brand new xylophone? Straight into the mouth.

Attempt to wipe their mouth with a napkin? Nope - into the mouth it goes.

Feed them a bite of food?

  • Give them a spoon full of food?... They will throw away the food and taste the spoon.

This is why it is so important that anything they have in their hands or on them is chemical free and safe for them to basically eat if they wanted to. This is why opting out of plastic toys, non-toxic paints or dyes is always a great idea. As well as clothing that they have on them, if they wear it.

They will taste it. 


Since I grew up in Thailand, I have to choose this as my favourite of the sustainable wooden toys. Plan Toys make sustainable, chemical free toys for kids. Not only are they clean from chemicals, they are also great for child development. Most of their toys focus on physical and cognitive development for children playing with them.

You can find them at th.plantoys.com


Next we have Bajo, their toys are made in Poland. Their focus is also on wooden toys that are sustainable and eco-friendly. They seek inspiration from the contract between traditional values and modern challenges such as technology, over consumption, ecological concerns and social change.

You can find them at bajo.eu

Aspen and Maple

Now these toys are made for chewing on! Wooden teethers for babies. Great balance between playing with toys and and eating them. 100% natural wood and organic cloth, nothing but the best and chemical free. 

You can find them at aspenandmaple.com


This is where it gets interesting. These toys might be slightly hard to be gnawrled at, but they are extremely functional. They will help you baby move, climb, jump, balance and more. This is great for early safe physical development. Such as Rock climbing ramp. Now imagine if you had that as a baby. Getting slightly jealous now.

You can find them at wiwiurka.com

This is why Bao Baby Wear has opted to go with chemical with fabrics. We know that above everything that we provide for our kids. Safety is the priority. When we were searching for our fabric. Our priority was for it to have OEKO TEX 100 certification. Which means that our fabric is free of 100 dangerous chemicals that could be found in other fabrics.


We are not partnered with any of these companies we have mentioned