We have all dreaded flights with kids. Not just our own, but also other kids. Just the thought of sitting in a metal tube:

  • Traveling 10,000 meters in the air
  • 800+ km/hour
  • 12-20 hours depending on where you’re going. 

Now put yourself in a toddlers shoes. This is your first time flying, your movement is limited but you really want to climb all those chairs. You’re surrounded by strangers and you dont know how long you’re going to be in here. Pressures in your ears are building up, and you don’t know what to do.

Lollipops / Teethers

These would be great for lift off and landing. That's when you will feel the pressure change in your ears. These will help with equalising that pressure. Just like adults have with chewing gum.

Just an example of organic teethers

Now comes the time to get the kids distracted!

Snack Bento Box

Food. Snacks. Favourite past time for everyone. A large bento box would help keep them distracted. Choosing from all the different snacks you would have prepared before the flight. Like small carrots, peas, assortment of nuts, cheese, assortment of fruits.

Airline Amenities

Airlines to the rescue! Depending on an airline they will provide you with some puzzles and stickers to keep your toddler busy.

We found this blog during our research that breaks down what each airline provides!


Comfortable clothes

Now, all those distractions will not matter if comfort is not met. Kids need to be comfortable, we all need to be comfortable. They would need to be wearing the most comfortable pants, body suits, pyjamas you could find.

Our fabric is not only OEKO-TEX 100 certified, we have also chosen it for its softness. Both of those things cannot be compromised with.

With comfort also needs to come with function. Accidents happen and you need to be prepared to change diapers in record speeds. 

This is where our Bao Baby wear Pyjamas, and Overalls come in. With the bottom invisible zip. All you would need to do is to just unzip and change. No need to take everything off and put it on again.